Thursday, April 16, 2020

We have met.............. Part II

Last Saturday (April 11/20) I posted the following observations:

I have thought from the beginning that there’s a plausible case China deliberately loosed the virus on the world. 

The premise that they did not, is faulty: Namely, that they would not kill so many of their people, and their allies’ people. 

They would, and they have. 

Ask Mao--and Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and the perpetrators of African genocide.

They are pragmatists, so “whatever works.” 

Whether ground zero was their bio-warfare labs or the wet markets, both were under government control, as they were in previous epi- and pan-demics. 

No American (or anyone else) should have been unaware about the Chinese Communists since the early 1900s, following the failure of the Sun Yat Sen revolution. 

Personally, I learned enough about them as Chief Order of Battle Analyst (CCF) in Korea in the mid-fifties.

We have met the enemy, and he is us. (Quote attributed to comic strip character, Pogo).
My point was that it is arguable that the Chicoms loosed the virus intentionally, to achieve exactly what they have accomplished.
Consider that the CORONA virus emanated from a Chicom lab, that they bottled up the Wuhan population for a little while, that they allowed international flights while bottling up domestic air traffic, that they lied about the truth and substituted disinformation until the virus was spreading throughout the world.

Consider that the World Health Organization -- whose head had once before covered up an epidemic, and was now carrying China's water -- was complicit in furthering China's disinformation campaign.

And consider that according to Professor Bruce Cumings -- "an American historian of East Asia, professor, lecturer and author, the Gustavus F. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor in History, and the former chair of the history department at the University of Chicago [who] specializes in modern Korean history and contemporary international relations" -- an estimated 900,000 Chinese soldiers lost their lives in combat during the three-year Korean War.
How far a stretch is it to believe that in order to achieve the worldwide human and material devastation experienced in the past few months, the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China would have taken a million or more of their citizen pawns off the competitive economic chess board?
Increasingly, not too far a stretch!


Doug Mayfield said...

I think your hypothesis is reasonable. In other words, I agree that the leadership of communist China would like to damage America, and the West in general, and they don't care about how many of their own people they might lose doing so.
However, I remain doubtful that the release of the virus was intentional. (It could have been accidental. Witness the Russian accident with the release of weaponized anthrax from one of their bioweapon labs.) Those who end up at the top of the communist heap in China are older and the elderly are those who do more poorly with the virus so in effect unlike scenarios which involve war and risking the younger members of their armed forces or civilian population, the leadership might realize that an uncontrolled release of the virus might risk their own lives. Yes, they could believe that their premiere status in China would allow them to avoid infection but still, for something so contagious, could they really be sure that they could protect themselves absolutely?
Further, if they were to release the virus intentionally, would it not make sense to do so in America or in another Western country rather than in their own country? They could still cover their tracks by maintaining that it was a virus that mutated in the wild, etc.
So I have doubts about intentional release. I wonder of we'll ever know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I am a psychiatrist who has worked for five years in a female only correctional prison in New England. where close to ninety percent of admissions need to be detoxed from opioids. Virtually every patient/inmate I have seen has lost one or more loved ones, family or friends over the years.
In recent years the unintended overdose deaths are eighty percent fentanyl related and twenty percent from heroin alone. These days the street dealers are selling heroin laced with fentanyl and many users are asking for fentanyl itself!
One can purchase heroin directly from a Chinese dealer who sells online and it is delivered by the USPS!
Sixty Minutes tracked down a Chinese dealer who operated at a home laboratory and sold online.
It is estimated that there are a huge number of such laboratories in China as fentanyl is easy to make.
One of my patients told me that she and her boyfriend were sniffing fentanyl thinking that it would be safe to do so. She woke up the next morning and her boyfriend was dead! Fentanyl is fifty to one hundred times more potent than morphine. All opioids suppress respirations and that is what kills you.
President Trump pleaded with his friend Xi Jinping to stop the flow of exports of opioids from China to the USA. A year later there was no reduction in such exports. Xi Jinping has arrested one drug dealer in a show of his willingness to stop the flow.
Xi Jinping earns about $400 billion a year from this export of opioids to America and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans by selling fentanyl and heroin over the internet. No doubt in my mind that the CCP intentionally released the coronavirus and made it look like an error and hid behind the deaths of so many Chinese after all who would suspect that they would kill their own people but they are willing to do that as it makes it hard to believe they would do such a thing.
I depend on medications which keep me alive. Instead of openly talking about our plan to bring the manufacture of such anticoagulants back to the US, we should make sure to do it first, make the meds here first and then stop buying from China.

China has already threatened to withhold drugs for export to the US. They will and they don' t care if it causes deaths of Americans.


Doug Mayfield said...

It begins to get more and more weird.