Saturday, April 11, 2020

We have met..............

I have thought from the beginning that there’s a plausible case China deliberately loosed the virus on the world. 

The premise that they did not, is faulty: Namely, that they would not kill so many of their people, and their allies’ people. 

They would, and they have. 

Ask Mao--and Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and the perpetrators of African genocide.

They are pragmatists, so “whatever works.” 

Whether ground zero was their bio-warfare labs or the wet markets, both were under government control, as they were in previous epi- and pan-demics. 

No American (or anyone else) should have been unaware about the Chinese Communists since the early 1900s, following the failure of the Sun Yat Sen revolution. 

Personally, I learned enough about them as Chief Order of Battle Analyst (CCF) in Korea in the mid-fifties.

We have met the enemy, and he is us. (Quote attributed to comic strip character, Pogo).


Anonymous said...

Given that a large chunk of the fentanyl laced heroin which is killing Americans who order it online is coming from China. It is foolish to think that Chairman Xi Jinping is unaware that there are hundreds if not thousands of little home laboratories across China making fentanyl for export to America. It is as if America is at war with China and doesn't know it. Xi Jinping even arrested one person to show his eagerness to stop the flow of fentanyl to America.

I can imagine the Chinese Communist Party leadership sitting around.a table in their barroom planning to unleash a coronavirus from their bio lab near Wuhan. To distract suspicion from themselves they decide to foist it on their own people as a distraction.

I work as a psychiatrist in a correctional prison for women in MA. a great many of whom need to be detoxed from opioids on admission. All those I treat tell me of the deaths of loved family or friends from unintended overdoses of heroin laced with fentanyl or just heroin itself as opioids suppress respirations even from just snorting it. She wakes up, her boyfriend doesn't.

I am trying to get the medical society to advocate for repeal of prohibition which would stop those deaths as users could obtain the opioid unadulterated without a prescription over the counter as used to be the case. Just a dream.

Wm R Cohen, MD

Mark S Lewis said...

HMH: Thank you for saying so succinctly what I have been thinking for a long time. If you're interested, you can check out some recent issues of "The Epech Times" newspaper for more of the same.