Thursday, April 12, 2018

In about a month, the Holzers' "Aid and Comfort:" Jane Fonda in North Vietnam" will begin serialization, free of charge, on

I am seeking an individual or organization with serious Internet/social media research skills to identify websites to which the formal announcement can be sent. Obviously, such websites will be found with key words such as Hanoi Jane, veterans, patriots, Vietnam War, treason, Jane Fonda, Axis Sally, Tokyo Rose; there are many others.

Remuneration will be offered.

I can be reached at Henrymarkholzer1@gmail. com. Those responding should emphasize their qualifications.

I'll appreciate recipients of this blog forwarding it to anyone else they think would interested.

Thank you.


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

When a collectivist meets a bunch of them: A few questions for Mr. Zuckerberg and our illustrious senators

1. What is a "monopoly?"
2. What are the basic elements of a "monopoly"?
3. How is a "monopoly" created?
4. Is a "monopoly" inherently immoral, unethical or, without legislation, illegal?
5. Who owns Facebook?
6. If Facebook is a "monopoly," who created it?
7. Does Facebook have a moral, ethical, and/or legal duty to serve the common good?
8. Did Zuckerberg get what he deserved at today's hearing?

9. What law(s) did Facebook break?
10. How many Facebook users read its Terms of Service?

For the record, I think Zuckerberg is a pretentious spoiled brat.