Monday, December 7, 2020

Twelve irrefutable minutes explaining who will be our next president


Remember, some people suffer capital punishment, and others very, very long prison terms, based on circumstantial evidence. You may have to paste it into your address box. If that doesn’t work, go to: YouTube Patrick Basham Mark Levin. The interview is only 12 minutes long.   

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I certainly hope you're right, but frankly don't hold out a lot of hope. The communist/socialists have burrowed in like ticks to our higher educational institutions even after we were warned by authors like W. Cleon Skousen and his book "The Naked Communist" in 1958--apparently nobody was paying attention when he pointed out the 45 goals of the (then) Communist party USA. Now we're in an all-out fight to save the Republic, and if "Sleepy Joe" gets sworn into office, or worse--(S)Ka(nk))mala is sworn in, this Republic is OVER--with the possible exception of a hot civil war, to which I certainly hope I am wrong.