Saturday, March 7, 2020

Is this the elite Dem's game?

This has nothing to do with Biden beating President Trump. As we lawyers say, please just accept it as arguendo for the moment.

We begin with the premise that there is something seriously wrong with Joe Biden neurologically. I do not say this as a partisan, because that kind of cognitive disability is a curse and under all circumstances, no matter who it is, those who suffer from that cruel disease deserve our heartfelt sympathy.

So here's my "imaginary horrible."

Bidens' handlers, the elites, the media and other assorted members of the coalition/consipiracy somehow mange to push Biden over the goal-line.

He gets the nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for the most powerful man in the world job.

Only after he is nominated, Biden names his vice presidential running-mate.

It is someone who possesses the most victim points, and whom the computers say will appeal to most of the grievance groups [fill in the blanks].

He wins the election and is now President of the United States. Mr., Mrs, etc. aggrieved person is Vice President.

It becomes even clearer than today that Biden is cognitively impaired, and cannot do his job.

Either Biden quickly succumbs to his disease, is impeached and convicted, resigns, or is 25th Amendment-ized,

Former Vice President/Aggrieved Person is now President of the United States, and is the most powerful Aggrieved Person in the the World.

And if that isn't enough, Aggrieved Person-President of the United States can name the new Aggrieved Person-Vice president of the United States (subject to Congressional confirmation.)

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ramasart said...

I firmly believe that is indeed the case, and it would not surprise me one bit to see Madam Clinton be the running mate. If that is what happens, Mr. Biden won't last much past his swearing in ceremony before "something terrible" happens, or he is outed via the 25th Amendment--the Clintons have quite a history in that area....