Monday, March 18, 2019

Democrats far

The chameleon: Gillibrand
The ageing hippy: O'Rourke
The anti-gun former governor of Potland: Hickenlooper
The global warming guru: Jay Inslee
The de facto communist: Sanders
The female Simon Legree: Klobuchar
The non-Indian Indian: Warren
The self-anointed Roman slave: Booker
The old guy's putative mistress: Harris
The reparations advocate: Castro
The fascinating progressive patriot: Gabbard
The "Healthcare is a Right" multi-millionaire: Delaney
The peacenik: Williamson
The "Universal Basic Income" altrust: Yang

And let's not forget The plagiarist who's running, but not running [yet]: Biden

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Dang! That cast of characters is a kaleidoscope crossed with a circus side show. Does it get any stranger than this?

It can't be that a metaphysical switch got flipped somewhere. It must be that this cast of clowns was hiding in plain sight, just now becoming visible. I guess it's Internet nakedness combined with a new fearlessness, an absolute loss os shame.