Friday, September 21, 2018

Ford v. Kavanaugh: Out on a limb

I am , because I predict she will not appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. That is not to say her handlers aren't urging her to do so "for the cause," because I believe they are using her for their own ends.

 I don't think she'll appear for two reasons.

One is that objectively she has bitten off more than she can chew, from saying something to a therapist six years ago, to writing the mystery letter, to now the prospect of facing 21 United States Senators, batteries of the international press, and countless millions of Americans on television. A daunting prospect, even for a woman who alleges a serious wrong and wants to be heard.

My second reason is that Dr. Ford need not suffer this serious, potentially devastating downside because she can achieve her goal in other ways, including but not limited to becoming a feminist icon (an Anita Hill II), scoring a book deal, appearing on countless TV shows, and hitting the lecture circuit.

While Dr. Ford's handlers have their own agenda, they are skilled DC lawyers with well-honed political skills and know that Judge Kavanaugh will be favorably reported out of Committee and confirmed (albeit narrowly) and there is nothing they can do to stop that. How can they stand by and watch Dr. Ford injure herself even more, with nothing to gain and much to lose?

To quote a favorite line of the President: "We'll see."


hicks said...

Just a slight modification. She does appear but does not get very far into any substantive testimony because of the tension created by the collectivist demonstrators' cacophony.

Unknown said...

Isn't there also a risk of perjury? I mean, what if her comments to congress bring a contradicting witness out of the woodwork? With an old audio tape proving she is lying? Just the risk of this must be giving her pause.