Thursday, May 11, 2017

Comey, continued

I've been asked to elaborate on my last two Comey blogs. Because I don't have time at the moment, here's a thoughtful comment by one of my loyal blogees, with which I agree entirely. (Thanks to lawyer BW.)


The focus right now is on James Comey and how he handled the Clinton investigation.  Remember, initially, it was an inquiry, not an investigation.  That was at the direction of Loretta Lynch.

It is my opinion that Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch entered into a conspiracy to protect Hillary Clinton from indictment at all costs and James Comey bought into it.

When the DOJ refused to convene a Grand Jury to support the inquiry or investigation, the table was set.  There would be no subpoenas.  There would be no search warrants.  There would be no compelled testimony of any sort.  Witnesses were invited to discuss.  Witnesses were allowed to have co-conspirators attend their meetings with the FBI investigators.  No records were kept of the discussion.  Co-conspirators were given immunity.  The primary target was never interviewed until the last minute and she was allowed to defend herself by having a poor memory.  The FBI then created a requirement for intent in a statute that expressly required only gross negligence.  Then the FBI Director decided that extreme carelessness was a better description of the actions of the co-conspirators and it was not equivalent to gross negligence so there could be no prosecution.

Comments yesterday indicated that the consensus opinion of those actually involved in the investigation was that there was sufficient evidence gathered to support a prosecution.  We will probably never know what their written report actually said.  Comey decided to grandstand and negate the work of the investigators.  I still think he took that action because he knew that if they were to follow protocol and forward the recommendation of the investigators to DOJ there would be no further action and the whole matter would have been swept under the rug.  Comey knew Clinton and her tribe members were guilty but there was never going to be any indictment of anyone.

The investigation was a sham and Comey payed the price for participating in it.

The focus should be on the corruption of power in the agreement between Obama and Lynch.