Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Holzer response to a lawyer acquaintance

I admire your thoughtful analysis of what was at bottom a cynical political, cowardly decision by the Director of the FBI.

Virtually everyone is missing what I tried to make clear in my recent blog: The FBI investigates facts.

It is not the Bureau’s (or its spokesman’s) job to decide who gets prosecuted, let alone what statutes mean or require. (We don’t even know if the investigators were lawyers.)

It is not the FBI’s business to crystal-ball what DOJ will do, let alone a grand jury, let alone a “reasonable prosecutor,” let alone a trial jury.

It is not the FBI’s business to make decisions about the constitutionality of federal statutes.

Comey’s whole smoke screen of “intent” is absurd. That is the trial  jury’s job to decide.

Comey’s performances were nothing more than his pathetic attempt to straddle both sides of Clinton’s culpability: “She did it, but she didn’t.”

Sickening, but simply par for the course.

Aristotle – “A is A” – must be spinning in his grave.