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CT AG--Dem Candidate For Senate Another "Fake Warrior"


"Fake Warriors:Identifying, Exposing, and Punishing Those Who Falsify Their Military Service"

By: Henry Mark and Erika Holzer
Price: Trade Paperback $18.69
Hardback $28.79
eBook $8.00
Pages: 263
ISBN: 1-4010-9675-1 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 1-4010-9676-X (Hardback)
ISBN: 1-4010-9677-8 (eBook)
Publication Date: 2003

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Fake Warriors lays bare a national scandal: the shocking story of countless men of the Vietnam War era who falsify their military service. Their motives vary, from seeking unearned glory at the expense of authentic heroes, to more tangible benefits like defrauding the V.A. and stealing money from impressionable women. This book enables every patriotic American who appreciates the contributions of those who serve their country honorably to identify and expose fake warriors in their midst, as well as helping to bring about their long overdue punishment.

"Finally, an excellent study of a serious abuse that's been going on in our country far too long. Fake Warriors exposes the widespread scandal of phony veterans, especially fake prisoners of war. This important book is the manual on what these pretenders do, how they do it, and how we can stop them. It is must reading for anyone who respects the true veterans of our nation. The Holzers, fresh from the success of their "Aid and Comfort": Jane Fonda in North Vietnam, now bring their characteristic lucidity and energy to the treatment of this deplorable con game that feeds on the valor of others and leaches millions of dollars a year from the pockets of American taxpayers."

—Fred Kiley, co-author, Honor Bound, American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973

As an Army veteran, when I run into a lot of panhandlers under highway bridges holding those ubiquitous HOMELESS VIETNAM VET or DESERT STORM VET LOOKING FOR WORK signs, it takes me about thirty seconds of questioning to find out that virtually every one of them is a “fake warrior.” But not everyone has served in the military, so to the average civilian it’s hard to detect who’s the real McCoy.

Or at least it may be hard until one reads Fake Warriors: Identifying, Exposing, and Punishing those who Falsify their Military Service.

Among other things, the Holzers’ book shows in some detail how most “fake warriors” are angling for much more than pocket change.

There is a seemingly endless parade of men who are the recipients of spurious Medals of Honor, Bronze Stars, Navy Crosses, and Purple Hearts. Of men who falsely claim to be Army Rangers, Green Berets (Special Forces), Navy Seals, Seabees, CIA black ops, and gung-ho Marines.

The Holzers also explain how millions of dollars of Veterans Administration benefits are stolen.

How these guys (and a few gals) have pried out of an unwitting public unearned gratitude and social esteem.

And — far worse — how these charlatans have manipulated the emotions of lovers, spouses, and entire families, causing embarrassment, humiliation, and heartbreak.

The Holzers’ book documents — step by step, contact by contact, website by website — exactly how these fakes can be brought to justice.

And since their exposé is written for the intelligent layman, any alert person — even someone who has absolutely no familiarity with the military but who takes the time to carefully read through this thoroughly researched and very readable book — can apply its lessons and “out” a fake warrior in his or her own community.

Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer have penned the coin of the realm for spotting the counterfeit Audie Murphys. One shocking thing we learn from their book is that there are more dishonest impostors than you’d ever have imagined exist in this country — in the authors’ words, “a virtual epidemic.”

That’s why the book is such a valuable tool. It educates the reader about how to expose, shame and alert the proper authorities about these poseurs among us — about men and women who desecrate the memories of American’s genuine war heroes.

That’s why Fake Warriors is worth its weight in Silver Stars.

--Robert L. Jones, essayist and former member of the U.S. Army

I have read the book Stolen Valor and loved it. I am a Vietnam veteran, and I was so tired of all the “wannabees” who now say they were over there but never were, that I had to find out if some of them really were.

Although Stolen Valor was informative, Fake Warriors helped me out the first few hours I read it. It exposed a fake who claimed to be a Navy Seal and was not.

I went right to a website that led me to a man who had a list of every single Navy Seal that ever existed. I called him up and we spoke for half an hour. My guy was nowhere to be found.

This book is much more informative on exactly HOW to determine a fake and easily prove it.

I highly recommend Fake Warriors even to a casually interested student of the art of military fakery.

--Mark A. Paul, Vietnam Veteran

There are several books on the market dealing with military frauds and phonies but Fake Warriors: Identifying, Exposing and Punishing those who Falsify their Military Service by Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer takes you through the hype, the fact-finding, the process — to expose and nail those that steal the honor and integrity of our veterans for personal gain.

It is THE BEST and most accurate “self-help” book available on the issue.

This book by the Holzers follows their earlier one, Aid and Comfort: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam (McFarland and Company) — the story of how Fonda SHOULD have been tried for treason.

Any book written by Hank or Erika Holzer is nothing but the most accurately researched, thought-provoking material out there.

-Mary Schantag, POW Network

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