Sunday, February 28, 2016

Clarification and invitation

The clarification relates to the Trump essay I forwarded a few days ago by Professor Eliot A. Cohen. I agree with every word he said. Donald Trump is many things, including: amoral, immoral, pragmatic, opportunistic, collectivist, statist, anti-intellectual. And rude and crude.

The invitation is to those recipients of this blog who disagree, some of whom I have heard from very impolitely. Spare me your defense of Mr. Trump. Either put "Trump defense" in your subject line so I can delete it without opening. Or simply unsubscribe.

One last thought: If you rightly think Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party, and the Republican Establishment can't be trusted to preserve and promote individual rights, limited government, free markets, and national defense, just wait until Donald Trump becomes president. He will make our soon-to-be-unlamented president look like a choir boy.

And one last, last word. I am disgusted at the spectacle of Chris Christie laying down for the likes of Donald Trump. And not even for thirty pieces of silver, probably just for the Attorney Generalship of the United States.