Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dr. Krauthammer's subtle Hillary shift

For months, if not longer, the eminent Dr. Charles Krauthammer has been saying that Hillary is cooked if she's "indicted," but probably only then.

About a week ago, he began saying that her candidacy was in big trouble if she was indicted, or  if the FBI made a "referral" to the Department of Justice (a recommendation that she be prosecuted).

Two nights ago on Fox News he dropped the word "indictment," saying that Mrs. Clinton's run for the White House would be severely threatened if there was a referral.

Apparently, Dr. Krauthammer now believes that her candidacy could be severely, even fatally, wounded even if the Department of Justice declined to prosecute, if the forthcoming FBI report concludes that there are grounds for prosecution and recommends that one be instituted.

Let's hope his usual perceptiveness is correct.