Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Succumbing to the twitter virus

I'm sure it has become apparent to the hundreds of you who receive this blog that lately I've been writing less than in the past. A principal reason is that we've moved back to California (Los Angeles), and have been absorbed in the many details, large and small, attendant upon that process. Then there was the recent First Amendment amicus curiae brief I wrote in the Supreme Court of the United States, and other interesting activities.

The other day my nephew remarked that my knack for making pithy statements wasn't limited to blogs, and reminded me that often I said something worth saying in 140 characters or less. He encouraged me to use Twitter to make political and legal comments from time to time.

Although when it comes to iPads, Smart Phones, WiFi, Face Book, YouTube, and the like, I have pronounced Luddite tendencies, still, I've come to realize that my nephew made sense. Often I have something to say that's too short for a blog, so I just say it and forget it.

Thus, I now have a Twitter account. I can't promise earth-shaking comments, but there may be some clever observations from time to time. (There will be no revelations about what I had for lunch.)

Those who have infected me with the Twitter virus say I should make the following statement: "Please follow me on Twitter @HenryMarkHolzer."