Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trump's perverse notion of heroism

Throughout most of his adult life, and certainly during his business and television career, Donald Trump has been seen as a crude, self-aggrandizing loudmouth with little intellectual heft. Indeed, many of us thought that there was not much left for him to do or say that would add to his reputation as an insensitive, lightweight boor.

However, yesterday Trump proved his critics wrong. He has been widely quoted as having said of John McCain that "He was a war hero because he was captured, I like people who weren’t captured." (My emphasis.)

As many readers of this occasional blog are aware from my writing, I know something about the Vietnam War POW story. Suffice to say that every single man who uncompromisingly survived that living hell, no matter where their incarceration or its duration, demonstrated heroism so grand that it is obscene for Trump to have impugned their bravery by implying that they were "losers" because they were captured.

Flying a jet fighter through missile fire over North Vietnam or creeping through Viet Cong infested triple-canopy jungle at night requires bravery Donald Trump can't even imagine. Let alone emulate.

And what McCain and his fellow POWs did was a lot more dangerous than saying "you're fired" on television.