Saturday, March 22, 2014


When I decided recently to use this blog to present some of the worst opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States I had hoped that readers (and forwardees, if any) would understand from my comments why the opinions undermined individual rights, limited government, free markets, and national sovereignty.

While I have have no way of knowing how many forwards there have been, the blog program does provide the number of immediate views.

So far, I have written four "Memorandum to Tea Partiers--and others."

The number of recipients of the blog are in the many hundreds.

Here are the views for each of the four Memoranda:

I > 46
II > 30
III > 31
IV> 30

In light of this, I would appreciate knowing why anyone receiving this blog thinks I should use my limited time to continue writing it--especially those people represented in the 137 views.

Responses can be sent HERE