Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman: Plenty of guilt left over

In celebration of George Zimmerman being found not guilty we can not lose sight of the many others that in connection with the case are guilty.

The president who put his thumb on the scales of justice with the gratuitous observation that had he a son the boy would look like Trayvon Martin.

The race-driven Attorney General of the United States who sent federal employees into the State of Florida to create a frenzy of rabble demanding George Zimmerman's scalp.

The mostly Negro rabble itself, inflamed by Al Sharpton and his cohort of race hustlers.

The TV network that doctored a tape of Zimmerman, making it appear that he was a racist.

The complicit media who, without knowing any of the facts, convicted Zimmerman even before Trayvon Martin's body was cold.

The cowardly Governor of Florida who, fearing the mob, appointed a special prosecutor when local law enforcement didn't even arrest Zimmerman.

The compliant Attorney General of Florida, a purported conservative, who at minimum acquiesced in the special prosecutor's appointment and who may have had a large role in choosing her.

The special prosecutor herself whose press conference announcement of the overcharging complaint (she never went to a grand jury) for murder 2 sounded like a glowing eulogy for Trayvon Martin and a vicious condemnation of George Zimmerman.

The unethical assistant prosecutors who, as Professor Dershowitz said, should be disciplined by the bar association because they violated Zimmerman's constitutional rights by withholding exculpatory evidence and denying the defense discovery to which they had a legal right. Let alone trying a case they could never prove.

The biased, incompetent trial judge who committed at least three reversible errors: excluding the exculpatory evidence contained in Trayvon Martin's phone, failing to dismiss the case at the end of the prosecution and defense's cases, and charging the jury on manslaughter of which there was not a shred of evidence--thus giving the jury a possible compromise verdict.

Yes, as the defense said after the not guilty verdict, justice triumphed for George Zimmerman.

But manifest, fearful injustice remains.  Especially because none of those who conspired to railroad George Zimmerman--the "White Hispanic"!--will ever pay any price.

One can't help wondering . . . who's next?