Sunday, July 7, 2013

Assistance sought

As many of you know,  the Holzers have recently had published on Amazon (in print and eBook editions) five of our dozen-or-so books that weren’t published by others, and/or as to which we have regained the rights.

Having now relinquished my quill pen and come into the Twentieth Century’s (not a typo) world of electronic communication, I have been advised by a knowledgeable teenager that there are ways to promote our Amazon books through “social media.” 

To that end, he has suggested that I provide to everyone on this blog list the following Amazon links for those five books……….

……….with the request that you share these links with others on your Facebook networks, Twitter accounts, Pinterest pages, and any other social media outlets you belong to.  You can also easily share my blog posts by using the “Share It” widget on the right hand side of my blog.

To be sure, my request rests upon the reasonable assumptions that the many recipients of this blog like what the Holzers write, and those to whom my blogees forward this blog, would also enjoy our words.


Hank Holzer