Monday, April 1, 2013

Preview of Freedom Bridge’s Publication Information.

At there is a short video announcing the imminent publication of Erika Holzer’s novel Freedom Bridge.

Since my earlier announcement on this blog about her novel, I’ve been asked for more information about the book. Since we’ve just finished pulling together the requisite information for Amazon and other outlets, I’m going to share some of it with everyone who receives this (occasional!) blog.

Book Description

Caught in a web of dangerous intrigue, Dr. Kiril Andreyev plans his desperate escape from Soviet tyranny to freedom in the West.

But when his friend’s escape attempt ends in flames, Kiril finds his life threatened by a ruthless KGB officer.

Kiril’s last chance rests on a visiting American heart surgeon and his journalist wife. But even as Kiril plots his escape, he finds that his life depends on his materialistic mistress, on the rivalries of Soviet and East German intelligence agents, and on accidental betrayals by those he trusts most.

The story builds to a climax in a deadly confrontation on Glienicker Bridge, linking East Germany and West Berlin.

Will Dr. Kiril Andreyev succeed in his lifelong quest for freedom—and at what cost?

Thoroughly researched, intriguingly plotted, vividly rendered, and filled with three-dimensional characters, Freedom Bridge is an acclaimed Cold War thriller that won’t let you go until its last, nerve-wracking moment.

Editorial Reviews

Brilliant! A plot with more twists than barbed wire. Vivid characters. Life-and-death stakes. A provocative political theme. Erika Holzer delivers everything that a thriller fan could possibly want in this revised edition of her novel Double Crossing.”———Robert Bidinotto, best-selling author of Hunter.

“A spectacular twist on the old Iron Curtain escape story. . . . There is a wealth of detail about daily life in a suspicious society, along with neatly sketched characters.———Library Journal. [This and the following reviews are of Double Crossing.]

“Both grand entertainment and grim education in the realities of Soviet-American relations. . . . It has all the excitement, authenticity, and atmosphere that fans of Higgins, Ludlum, or Follett could ask for.———Boston Herald.

“This nail-biting anti-Soviet thriller has everything going for it—devious plotting, vivid and multidimensional characterizations, and judicious selectivity. Double Crossing succeeds both as dandy entertainment and a subtle novel of ideas.

“The novel's theme is man's profound need for personal liberty . . . the story of a Russian doctor’s lifelong ambition to flee the Soviet Union. But nothing is quite what it seems in this tense and tangled tale. There are chilling episodes in the shadow of the Berlin Wall, harrowing encounters inside KGB headquarters, moving scenes with hopeless victims of the system, and a bullet-ridden climax at the hem of the Iron Curtain.”

“Erika Holzer, a romantic, is also a tough-minded realist. She distinguishes between good and evil but lets Kiril Andreyev’s story make her point. If you like spy thrillers or novels of ideas—or if you simply want a realistic portrait of life behind the barbed wire—Double Crossing will haunt you long after its final explosive moment.”———Boston Herald.

“With background and character as rich as the writing of John Le Carré, Erika Holzer’s Double Crossing adds plot and pacing that defy the reader to put it down.

“Once in a while, a novel of compelling power thrusts its way to the surface. What lifts Double Crossing far above the standard espionage thriller takes more than crisp storytelling. Holzer dramatizes ideas in a different, near-visceral way as she examines values and conflicting ideologies in each wrenching plot twist and the story builds to a nearly unbearable pressure-point of tension.”———Mystery News.

Double Crossing, Erika Holzer's realistic depiction of the human condition in Soviet Russia and East Germany is played against the backdrop of man's endless quest for freedom. This well-crafted espionage story is a grimly accurate portrayal of the terror that rules the lives of the millions of victims of the Soviet slave empire.” ———Union Leader.

“In Erika Holzer’s novel, Double Crossing, the plotting is intricate and taut, the dialogue neat and pointed, the language nicely crafted . . . Double Crossing is a thriller and a moral fable, served up with an engaging restraint.”———American Spectator.

“I recommend Erika Holzer's Double Crossing — a good mix of spy-story entertainment and education in world politics.

“A highly sophisticated plot is presented against a backdrop that captures the typical atmosphere of East-West ‘dialogue,’ with its usual doubletalk, shrewd Soviet intrigues, and pathetic attempts by the West to appease the ever-hungry East.

“The characters, plot, and background are depicted with such clarity and truthfulness that one can easily see why our world is in such a deplorable state, lost somewhere between physical destruction and spiritual slavery. Most of the people described in the novel are unable to understand their Eastern brothers' passion for freedom . . . as we normally do not appreciate the air until we are deprived of it.

“The author should be particularly praised for her amazingly accurate description of everyday life in the Soviet bloc countries — remarkable for someone who has never lived there.

“In the face of almost universal indifference, Ms. Holzer is an exception. Her book makes a considerable contribution to better understanding of our personal responsibility in the biggest human tragedy of our time.”———Vladimir Bukovsky

I enjoyed your engrossing novel, Double Crossing.” ———Dr. Henry Kissinger

Yesterday, which was Sunday, I picked up Double Crossing about five in the evening to glance through it and before I knew it, it was a little after midnight and I had finished it. It is a book you can't put down — well-written, and with an exceedingly interesting plot. A fascinating piece of work that should be very, very successful. I will treasure it in my library.” ———Hon. Barry Goldwater

“A splendid espionage story. . . . High suspense, good writing, believable characters—and a climax that made me very, very glad that I was born in God’s country” ———Mary Higgins Clark
Erika Holzer's dramatic, exciting novel should be ‘must reading’for those who believe the Soviet Union has any other objective than world domination and enslavement of us all. Double Crossing is an intensely human story. Yet the scenes within the USSR — familiar to any who have spent time there — are grimly accurate.”———Arthur Hailey


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