Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Story Among Many

 Within hours of my posting the announcement earlier this week that the print version of Fake Warriors was available, I received the following email from a woman I've know for years -- but about whom I did not know the story she relates below...............
I sent on your book notice.  I too was a victim of a fake warrior.  I was 20 years old and naive.  I was in the U.S. Navy working as a weather observer . . . near Chicago.

I began dating a fellow observer at my office and he told me he had two purple hearts and three bronze stars.  He also told me he was a track and field star and football star in high school.  My dad, a military historian, became suspicious of this guy's record and contacted some military brass friends of his and they confirmed that my boyfriend was a faker.

I confronted the guy with my dad's letter and at first he was resistant to the truth, saying "Believe what you want." Being a stickler for the truth, I pressed him and the full story came out. 

He was a failure in everything. In high school he was not a star, in fact his first football game some big guy fell on him and his mom pulled him from the team. And in track and field he was the slowest guy and was delegated to carrying water instead of competing. I immediately broke up with him!

Interestingly, later I did meet a guy who earned a purple heart.  He was not a bragger, it took a while to get to know him and I got the story out of him.  He was a Vietnam helicopter pilot who could have left an area of heavy fire, but landed to pick up survivors and wounded instead.  Then as he was flying away he was hit by a large caliber bullet that came up from the underside of the copter and went through his femur.  He flew back to base in horrible pain and was evacuated to Hawaii where he spend a year in the hospital. He has to wear a mechanical brace on his foot so he can walk.  He was a true hero and never bragged about it like the fake guy.

Thanks for your efforts is exposing these folks, I very much appreciate it and will get your book when it comes out as an eBook soon!

A classic case -- and the beat goes on.