Thursday, March 8, 2012

ANNOUNCING eBOOK PUBLICATION OF "AYN RAND: MY FICTION-WRITING TEACHER: A novelist's mentor-protege relationship with the author of Atlas Shrugged"

After Paramount Pictures turned Erika Holzer's novel Eye for an Eye into a feature film starring Sally Field, Kiefer Sutherland and Ed Harris, and directed by John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy), she found herself reminiscing about how much she owed her fiction-writing mentor, Ayn Rand.

In 2005 Madison Press published the trade paperback of Ayn Rand: My Fiction-Writing Teacher, and ever since it’s been a steady seller on at the price of $20.00.  (Reviews can be found at and at

Since that time, the publishing world has changed dramatically—especially because of the advent of eBooks, led by Amazon’s Kindle.  Today’s extensive distribution of books through the Internet could not have predicted even a decade ago.  The Internet makes it possible for countless readers who prefer using electronic devices over traditional books, to access Kindle and its competitors faster, and at a consistently lower cost.

To reach that market, Madison Press has created an eBook of Ayn Rand: My Fiction-Writing Teacher.  At the price of $4.99, the eBook contains major portions of the trade paperback edition, omitting only Part Three—which consists of two Erika Holzer short stories, endorsements of her two novels, and six short essays about Ayn Rand and Erika's own writing.

The eBook became available today at, and will soon be available on Kindle, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Copia, Gardeners, Baker & Taylor, eBook Pie, Apple iPad, Diesel, and most other digital reading devices.

Those readers interested in Part Three are able to purchase the printed version of Ayn Rand: My Fiction-Writing Teacher from

The Table of Contents of the eBook appears below.

Table of Contents



Four years as Ayn Rand’s literary protégé
Part One: The “What”

Chapter One
Lawyer versus writer: a foot in both world
Chapter Two
Make room for passion
Chapter Three
Pitfalls and traps
Chapter Four
Eye for an Eye: back on track
Part Two: The “How”

Chapter Five
Stoking your subconscious
Chapter Six
Avoiding false starts
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Interviewing: subcategory of research
Chapter Ten
Plot, plot and plot
Chapter Eleven
Take your inspiration where you find it
Chapter Twelve
Style: the “how” of a story
Chapter Thirteen
Romantic realism versus naturalism
Chapter Fourteen
All of Rand’s novels have heroes
Chapter Fifteen
There are heroes . . . and heroes
Chapter Sixteen
Ayn Rand’s famous “crow epistemology”
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
Emotional fuel
Chapter Nineteen
A dynamic combination
Chapter Twenty
Sense of life: “a profoundly personal matter”
Chapter Twenty-One
The moral of the story
About the Author