Monday, December 19, 2011

The Supreme Court Opinions of Clarence Thomas, 1991-2011

Announcing the Second Edition

This is a link ( to my publisher’s web page for the second edition of my book on Justice Thomas’s United States Supreme Court opinions. 

The first pre-publication endorsement is in, from Professor Robert F. Turner, Co-Founder of the Center for National Security at the University of Virginia School of Law:

Holzer’s accessible book recounts the story of a highly principled, remarkably consistent justice who understands the importance of beginning interpretation of the Constitution from its language and the perspectives of those who wrote and ratified it.

This second edition of my earlier The Supreme Court Opinions of Clarence Thomas, 1991-2006 appears at a crucial time because among the most important cases pending before the Supreme Court this term are Obamacare and the federal government’s attempt to preempt state efforts to counter illegal immigration.

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is bound to play a major role in these forthcoming decisions— not only because his vote will be crucial to the outcomes, but because as an acknowledged leader of the Court’s conservative bloc his opinions are bound to influence some of his fellow justices.

To understand how Thomas will vote on Obamacare and the immigration cases, and why he may even influence some of his colleagues’ votes, it’s essential to understand his constitutional jurisprudence.

The Supreme Court Opinions of Clarence Thomas, 1991-2011 is a “judicial biography,” dealing solely with twenty years of his written opinions, some 450 of them.  Many of those opinions provide a preview of his votes in Obamacare and the immigration cases.

I have a simple request of those of you who want to help others understand (and win arguments about) why Clarence Thomas is a great justice of the Supreme Court of the United States: Please forward this notice to as many people as you can, and ask them to do the same, especially by sending it to those who have their own extensive lists. 

Hank Holzer

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