Sunday, May 3, 2009

Great News About Government Motors

Chrysler, once a noble name in the American auto industry, is headed down the green brick road. What kind of a company, if any, will emerge from bankruptcy court remains to be seen.

But we don't have to wonder about the fate of General Motors--and in its recast form there will be a golden opportunity for the tens of millions of us who voted for John McCain as the lesser evil to strike a powerful blow against Barack Obama, his fascist/socialist policies, and the handmaidens who serve them--and for capitalism and the free market.

For decades, General Motors suffered from three major plagues: uninspired management, voracious unions, and statist government. It was the latter two--unions and government-- which destroyed GM.

Beginning with the 1935 Wagner Act, which saddled unwilling companies with unwanted unions, and having suffered Washington's insane insistence on utopian standards for vehicle manufacture and performace, the once-dominant independent American automobile industry is about to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Labor and Big Government.

A few days ago the Associated Press reported about a "restructuring" plan offered by GM in an effort to keep the company out of bankruptcy court. In return for billions of government loan forgiveness, more than 50 percent of GM stock would go to this lender-of-last-resort. And 39 percent of GM stock would go to the United Auto Workers Union in return for wage and benefit concessions.

If this happens, the United States Government and a major union will own General Motors.

Which will present a major non-buying opportunity.

Last November, tens of millions of Americans voted against Barack Obama and, indirectly, against those who supported him--including Big Labor.

As we watch Democrats in the White House and on Capitol Hill rush our beloved country down the road to a fascist- and socialist-like political and economic system, there is, in truth, little each individual can do. Yes, we can blog, hold Tea Parties, publish articles and books, write letters-to-the-editor, and run candidates who stand for individual rights, limited government, free markets, and national security.

But our individual ability to make much of an impact in opposing what's happening to our country is limited.

With Big Government and Big Labor's takeover of General Motors--and other companies about to be sucked into the maw of the New Fascism/Socialism--we can, however, vote with our money.

Imagine if the millions of us who are tying to fight for America steadfastly refuse to buy any GM automobile, new or used. Talk about leverage!

Think of it.

Tens of millions of Americans boycotting--that is the word and the deed, boycotting!--every General Motors product. Imagine the economic effect on Government Motors.

We have it in our power--collectively--to make ourselves heard in the best place possible: the marketplace.

Some may ask: What about other non-government, non-union GM stockholders? What about bondholders, lenders, and suppliers? The fact is that all them bought into a company that was plagued with uninspired management, a voracious union and, even years ago, a company that was substantially controlled by our statist government.

Seeking rewards--dividends, interest, sales--everyone who got into bed with General Motors assumed the risk of where uninspired management, voracious unions, and statist government would eventually lead. As unprofitable as the automobile manufacturing industry has been for years, GM's bedmates lay down and pulled the covers over their heads.

They will now have to suffer the consequences of a national boycott of General Motors.