Thursday, April 16, 2009

More On The "1-Ply" Law

I am proud to count among my friends former Soviet citizen Vladimir Bukovsky, a giant of the dissident movement. (See

Vladimir receives this blog, and recently commented to my wife about the problems associated with 1-Ply-ism. I quote him:

Hi Erika! On toilet paper: please tell Hank that his piece had a great success among we Russians; a nostalgic trip to our Soviet past. As you may know, in that time we had no toilet paper at all. It was considered a luxury by the Kremlin. So, the whole vast country, 300 million asses, were wiped by "Pravda" and, believe me, a satisfaction was much bigger than the one Americans are likely to experience using New York Times or Washington Post. Except one thing: the ink was of bad quality and it smeared black your fingers as well as.... So, the great USSR was called by the population "the land of black asses". Can you imagine how many thousands of "black jokes" it generated?
Cheers. V

Perhaps all we can hope for when our “1-Ply” law is enacted is that the Times and Post use a better quality ink than the communists.