Friday, December 19, 2008

Taliban John Walker Lindh Better Not Hold His Breath

Yet again the American turncoat Taliban John Walker Lindh is asking President Bush for clemency.

Yet again, the President will deny it, making as sure as the outgoing Chief Executive can that Walker serves the entire twenty-year sentence he agreed to.

At this link-- (which may have to be pasted into one's internet-access address line)--there is extensive reporting and legal analysis of the sordid case of Taliban John, including scathing criticism of the government for not indicting him for treason. These are the essays' topics:

Relevant Facts.
What to Do With Fighter Taliban John Walker?
Essential Elements.
Overt Acts.
"Sleeper" Charge Possible.
Reading Bush's Mind.
Reading Ashcroft's Mind.
The Charges.
The Indictment.
The Bail Hearing.
Reading Brosnahan's Mind.
The Discovery Motion.
The Conventional Wisdom.
Why the Government Was Wrong in Not Indicting Taliban John for Treason.
Taliban John is Indictable and Convictable for Treason.
The Desperate Defense.
The Noose Tightens.
Another Defense Stretch.
Journey's End.
The Good Guys Won Anyhow.

Viewing the Walker case in its entirely, his, his parents', and his lawyers' plea for executive clemency is not merely hopeless, it is obscene.